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How To Grow your Very Own Mushrooms
at Home

how to grow mushrooms at home
- Over 155+ pages full of instructions and illustrations.

- HD (High Definition) step-by-step instructional videos guiding you all the way.

- How to create and maintain the proper environment for maximum growth.

- Grow natural, great tasting mushrooms on your very first attempt.

- Different methods to increase mushroom's moisture, potency and growth.

- The Grain Method - from the start to harvesting your mushrooms.

- The BRF Method - from the start to harvesting your mushrooms.

- Making a Still Air Glove Box with cheap parts.

- Incubation Chamber - How to build your own.

- Fruiting Chamber - make your own in less than an hour.

- Easy-to-use tools needed to grow mushrooms from the comforts of your home.

- Harvesting your mushrooms the proper way.

- All about Agar and sterilization.

- And so much more!
how to plant mushrooms

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