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What is the Reading Head Start Program?

Reading Head Start
Reading Head Start is an interactive learning program designed for 2 to 14 years old children who face trouble in reading, and find themselves lagging behind their classmates. The program uses a scientifically proven way to teach your kids in a systematic manner.

They are first taught the sounds of different letters, individually and when paired with each other. This forms a strong foundation after which the kids can move on to reading words, and then small passages based on those words.

This program is an effective and interactive way to head start the development of reading skills in your child. You will find your child desperately waiting for the next lesson, as it is more like a game for them.

Overview of Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start is a scientifically proven program that can improve the ability of your child to read. You can find a detailed guide for a learning program for 40 weeks in this PDF eBook. It will also teach you how to support your child long after making him read with the help of this program

The 4 phases of this program will allow your child to learn reading by using interactive games, videos, and worksheets. The confidence of your child will be increased by providing them a certificate after completing each stage.

Parents have to spend only 15 minutes a day for three days a week with their child to complete worksheets and lessons to get the desired results.

Author of Reading Head Start

Sarah Shepard has authored Reading Head Start to improve the reading capabilities of the children who are going to get admission in kindergarten. She is a mother of three and a teacher with experience in the education field for more than 14 years. She has written this eBook on the basis of her experiences with her own child. She created a comprehensive learning program for kids to keep in mind the busy schedules of their parents.

Techniques Found In the Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start includes special techniques that can help both parents and children to learn reading at an early age. These techniques may include:
A positive and enjoyable way to learn reading: The process of learning reading has been made engaging and fun for your child

Positive social interactions: It will help you in improving the social skills of your child while meeting other people including their peers

Communication skills and Linguistic Development: It will help you in improving the vocabulary, communication skills and language of your child.

Psychological Fortitude: It will help in improving the confidence and self-esteem of your child

Optimal Neurological development: It will ensure you that you can improve the process of development of the brain of your child to the highest level.

Things You Learn From Reading Head Start

Though Reading Head Start can improve the reading skills of your child through its videos, worksheets and interactive games but it also improves the skills of the parents so that they can help their kids to understand the importance of reading. It will help you to improve the reading skills of your child even after completing this program.

You will learn how to:

- Improve the interest of your child in reading
- Reverse dyslexia
- Make him understand the importance of early age reading
- Make him read by understanding a few do’s and don’ts
- Improve pronunciation of your child
- Avoid inefficient teaching method in the present education system
- Grab the attention of your child to reading in an entertaining and fun way
- Develop communication and linguistic skills
- Make social interaction positive
- Optimize neurological development of your child
- Increase self-confidence of your child

Reading Head Start
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